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    Now that I am done devoting my life to organising a meeting of international ministers from the world's twenty foremost economies, I am trying to get over this awful lingering virus (two weeks so far...) so I can handle the rest of my life. October is going to be busy, with two weddings and two weeks travel down south

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    Well, I'm impressed, Star!! Do get well, though. I've got a bit of a cold, too, but not nearly such a good reason for it. Irritated, actually, it's just a beautiful fall here, and I've been housebound for two days. Maybe tomorrow.

    Looked outdoors before it became dark, and was relieved to see the mama deer with twins - now, the little ones are almost ready to leave, no more spots, and they are almost Mom's size. Relieved because I've been hearing coyotes nearby almost nightly, and I hadn't seen this family lately, even under the apple trees. Another Mom with one fawn was there yesterday, but often I see both families together.

    The deer have taken to looking quietly at me as I step out on our deck, but not running unless I move suddenly. Don't know if that is good, with hunting season around the corner.

    One good thing I am attributing to the coyotes: my yard plants have all made it through the summer - no groundhogs left...

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    Highlight of the trip to Thailand so far is definitely our stay on Chiew Larn lake in the Khao Sok national park. Diving from the porch of our raft house into clear green waters, riding a longtail boat between towering limestone formations and taking breakfast on a floating banquet table whilst watching langurs frolic. Although it's two days later and my thigh muscles are still killing me after scaling a waterfall. Totally worth it.

    There have been several monkey-related highlights: macaques at the temple (no, we didn't touch them, although other silly tourists let them climb all over them) and listening to a gibbon calling whilst lunching in the jungle. We're off to Chiang Mai tomorrow where, amongst other things, we're planning on an (ethical) elephant experience. We finished up our time in the south today by cruising Phang Nga bay, a hike *around* a waterfall and a temple in a cave.

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    That sounds amazing, Star! I tend to favor urban locations in my travels, but that description is making me rethink the possibilities.
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    I have to say that I had a great day - and I love green tea

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    It was good. Did not do much though.

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