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    nycteris Guest

    The Person Above You Topic

    Hey, i don't know if anyone has started a topic like this before (if so, someone scratch this one), but the way it works, in case you didn't figure it out, is this:
    First person posts, and the next person has to post one fact about the person above them, for example their favourite television show, or their eye colour, or even something to do with their sig or av or interests list.
    You can't post things with a negative connotation, for example 'username whoever is a real jerk', and you can't post something someone else already posted about that person.

    Here goes

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    creme_ala_creme78 Guest
    Nycteris lives in New England

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    nycteris Guest
    very true :P

    Creme/Jacklyn just came back from Debate Camp.

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    Mar 2004
    Wakefield, Airstrip One
    Nycteris joined literature forums in early may.

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    creme_ala_creme78 Guest
    Incka created/founded/whatever literature forums.

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    oceanflower Guest
    Jacklyn frequents

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    Aug 2004
    oceanflower had a headache last night (and to alleviate it, listened to Pearl Jam). :P

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    nycteris Guest
    Eflo wants to move to the DC area

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    Aug 2004
    As far as I know, the last nycteris was feeling neurotic.

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    oceanflower Guest
    eflo knows some wonderful quotes from books he's read.

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