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    Louis Sacher, Roald Dahl... First Harry Potter also came out when I was in grade school and I had picked up a copy from one of those book fairs.

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    Icon9 I have to give that honor to a British series of kids books called "William:

    I do not recall the author's name but I would read those books again if I get my hands on them. Alas, it was a longgg time ago(sigh)!

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    1984, Also one of my favorite books

    I remember reading 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell. At the time, I recall thinking that he was writing about politicians in general. Later in life, while working as a journalist, I was struck by the accuracy of his depictions, especially about the political processes around me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incka View Post
    I did too, although my particular childhood favourite was Enid Blyton.
    Enid Blyton was my favourite author as a child, I collected about 600 of her books growing up.

    I also remember reading everything by Roald Dahl, I loved The Chronicles of Narnia books, Alice in wonderland and Charlottes Web.

    I was a massive reader back then (I still am) and read everything and anything I could get my hands on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeSilenceEternel View Post
    The BFG and Matilda by Roald Dahl, were definitely among my favourites, also, Pollyanna (of which I am a little ashamed) and a book called What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge, which in retrospect really was not all that great. I read Robinson Crusoe as a child and loved it.
    I loved the Katy series of books. We shared the same name, just with a different spelling so I thought it was cool to read a series of books about me as such.
    I also just remembered I lived the Heidi books. I had all three of the books and I was obsessed with them.

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    I was a huge fan of Jacqueline Wilson and I loved the Horrible Histories series by Terry Deary
    Books are like friends..... individual,unique and unestimable. They each contribute something different yet valuable to our lives. They should be chosen carefully, enjoyed lovingly and given time to grow on us. Reading brings us from the darkness into the light, from ignorance to vast knowledge and from imprisonment to the road of freedom. By reading we are better able to ferret out the meaning and possibilities of our lives.
    Luci Swindoll - Wide My World, Narrow My Bed

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    I must admit my favorite author while growing up was indeed Carolyn Keene and her Nancy Drew mystery stories. So happy I found a tote bag with the "Secret in the Old Clock" print on it in Barnes and Nobles.

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