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    Pilgrim's Progress is episodic in the way you want, as is Homer's The Odyssey.

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    Many of Dickens' novels fit this theme, with twists and turns though. Nicholas Nickleby for instance, is quite a close fit, but we get the story of his sister and him. They are separated for much of the book and then come together, both meeting & leaving a great cast of eccentrics. Little Nell, the heroine of The Old Curiosity Shop goes on a demonic kind of pilgrim's problem with grandfather in tow, and meets & leaves a really curious bunch of eccentrics on the way...

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    Im not sure whether this is really what youre asking for, but Crime & Punishment by Dostoevsky is a good example of this, as well as being among the best books ever written if not THE best.

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    somewhere within books

    you can read novels by

    Jane Austen
    Emily Bronte'
    Charles Dickens
    George Bernard Shaw.

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    The Odyssey is one of my favourite stories its which the movie O Brother where art thou was loosely based on , another movie Id have to add to the movies into books forum , another great one but bot too sure if its classic enough is the book 100 years of Solitude .
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    I think Call Of the wild is very good
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    Wouldn't Dante's Divine Comedy fit this description?

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    David Copperfield
    Great Expectations
    Gone With The Wind

    These all focus on a single main character and their journey, although Dickens does tend to have a large cast of supporting characters.

    Gulliver's Travels might suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucid View Post
    Hello, I'm looking for classic literature/stories that focus on only one character going through a solitary journey, meeting various characters along the way but who only remain in the story for that brief interval. Does anyone know of literature that possesses this more solitary sporadic character structure? Anything pre-20th century would be great. Thanks for any help that you can give me.
    I think "Crime and Punishment" deals with incidents that drive relentlessly towards a crisis. The atmosphere of the novel is too stifling and does not imply the relaxing mood of a travel.Assuming it is a journey of the mind involving characters that move in and move out of one's life, Dickens'"Great Expectations" suits the description far better. Pip takes his decisions of his own volition despite his interactions with the other characters like Biddy and Joe. There is a transformation in Raskolnikov at the end and he sort of triumphs over his past by making a new start. He was alone in his suffering ---- but not lonely. Pip on the other hand realises the hollowness of his expectations ---- but still persists with his ideas. This makes him a lonely person in a crowd frighting through his silent woes in patience and fortitude. My choice is Pip in "Great Expectations".

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