"Five-twenny? It's like four-twenny, but one better. Yeah four-twenny's old news mate ya wanna get involved in the ol' five-twenny, yul never look back. It'll excavate the space in yer brain four-twenny cart ge'ta. It'll expand ya t'brink, to beyon'brink..." and as he saw puzzlement in the other guy's eyes he added "it'll take you beyond the brink of expansion above unfavmable depfs that'll get wider than an angle ya cart even imagine."

"Wicked, can I get some?" the younger looking man asked, half humouring and half hoping the older looking man had something.

"Unfortunately I'm afraid sadly I don't sell weed, or any drugs a'all in fact because it's illegal to do so and am always careful to be very legal in m'ways. No what I'm selling is an idea. A---"

The younger geezer interrupted, "so you just mean weed? So the same as 420 then?"

"Nah dote be daft I gave it a new name, a new spin. The yoof'll love it. Even the wrinkled yoofs. Yoof of all ages will---"
The younger geezer interrupted, "you know 420's just a number right? It's not actually related to a type of weed.. so saying 520 and smoking the same stuff isn't gunna do anything different."

The older geezer frowned. "Maybe YOU just don't believe. Narrow minded: that's what you four n' twenny eds are. Too scared to peek outside yer little baffroom windows. Am sayin yuv got opaque vision mate, in case ya dint get that. And yer minds all steamed up. No wonder ya cart seat troof. Wipe the soap off yer eyes, tarl yersen darn n' come artside t'play."
"Have you even smoked before man?"

"I DON'T need drugs to smoke weed, not like you foreigntwennyeds! Smoking is a state a'mind. I embody it ah secrete it am ONE wiv it! People feel different after an encounter wi'me. Ma inner innerness alters the conchness even if the dote reelize."
"You're right, this HAS been a mood-changing encunter. I'm gone now."

"Take it peacey pal. And rember, five honeyed n' twenny..." and as the geez whizzed off he shouted "tell yer friends! Ya heard it ear first!! An I own the copyright ya little ditchweed!!!"

Geez peddles back home, walks inside and unties his laces

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