Your soul is great and is not fatigued
As someone overcomes the high tide
Where is the gloom? It should be halted.
Say or don’t say, the misery is narrowed.
I feel the think great blossoms become ruddy
Hence, the occasion seems drawn joyfully
Welcome you sister, your verses seemed abundant
Look likes the thick branches in a shiny involved way.
I greet you as well as Mrs. "Khaliah the Palestinian poet".
Who neither is worry nor seems exhausted.
Who neither being sorrowful nor seems wrecked
I pray to God protected them in his great shelter.
In heaven you last forever
I donate my delicious style happily along with the lightning
We are close friends between brother and sister.
Six years I donated my verses looked incurable
Now I know, how the verse comes compatible
Now I find my way in a big place and sociable
Between poets who are declinable and capable.

Muhamed Mahmood Ahmed

Translated from my Arabic poem: